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Whether you have anxiety, depression, stress, or another condition, looking after your emotional health is as important as caring for your physical well-being.

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What is emotional health? It encompasses mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, and other conditions. But being emotionally healthy also means managing day-to-day issues like stress, making and keeping friendships, changing bad habits, and using your creativity, all of which can have an impact on your physical health. Total health depends on a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, so it's important to take the time to nurture both.

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Understanding emotional health means paying attention to your overall happiness and well-being. Being emotionally healthy also involves maintaining control of your thoughts and feelings. People with good emotional health are resilient in the face of challenges, find ways to express their creativity, and understand the importance of social connections. They also recognize the power of spirituality and the value of staying positive.

Emotional Health Management

The road to better emotional health starts with learning ways to cope with your feelings and reactions. If you're not as emotionally healthy as you could be — or would like to be — take a closer look at how you interact with the world. Learn how to strengthen friendships and family ties and manage toxic relationships. Find out how to relieve everyday stress, improve your attitude, and change the bad habits that are holding you back.

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In our Emotional Health discussion forums and blogs, people are talking about topics related to stress, depression, and anxiety; bipolar disorder; children's emotional health; therapists; and other emotional health issues. Don't see any threads of interest? Start a conversation about stress or other emotional health issues. Join in the discussion and learn from others who are facing emotional health problems.

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Looking after your emotional health doesn't mean you'll never have problems — but it does ensure you'll have the skills to handle them. With the right information, you can learn how to relax your nerves, control your anger, cope with the death of a pet, handle financial stress, and stand up for yourself. Read about handling common emotional health issues.